Systemic racism and health equity

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Braveman, Paula
Arkin, Elaine
Proctor, Dwayne
Kauh, Tina
Holm, Nicole
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
January 2022
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Brief
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Systemic racism damages the health of people of color, and can also damage the health and well-being of virtually the entire society in which it operates.
Systemic racism is racism that is pervasively and deeply embedded in systems and structures such as laws, written or unwritten policies, and widespread, deeply rooted, established practices, beliefs, and attitudes that produce, condone, and perpetuate widespread unfair treatment of people of color.
Addressing systemic racism is crucial for achieving health equity. This report, produced in partnership with the University of California, San Francisco, examines what systemic racism is, the harm it causes and how it does so, and strategies to dismantle it. (author abstract)



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