The principles of trustworthiness

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AAMC Center for Health Justice
Association of American Medical Colleges
January 2023
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Since 2015, the AAMC has produced an annual series of Community Engagement Toolkits in collaboration with our members and their communities. These toolkits provide unvarnished community perspectives on crucial issues and views about how our members can be better partners. The AAMC Collaborative for Health Equity: Act, Research, Generate Evidence (CHARGE) — the AAMC’s national collaborative of health equity scholars, practitioners, and community partners — gathered perspectives from a diverse set of 30 community members from across the United States regarding trust, COVID-19, and clinical trial participation.  These 10 Principles of Trustworthiness integrate local perspectives with established precepts of community engagement to guide health care, public health, and other organizations as they work to demonstrate they are worthy of trust. The AAMC Center for Health Justice will continue this work to support organizations right now and in the future as they partner with communities and the many sectors that serve them to develop ways to shift our society toward health equity and justice. (author abstract)

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