The political determinants of health and health equity in the aging population

Individual Author(s) / Organizational Author
Dawes, Daniel
Donnell, Michael
Amador, Christin
Standifer, Maisha
Valle, Mallie
Houston, Sara
McKinney, Tonyka
Dunlap, Nelson
American Society on Aging
April 2022
Generations Journal
Abstract / Description

Within the discipline of public health, it is commonly understood that health outcomes are influenced by more than genetics and behavior. Many health problems can be firmly linked to a political determinant that created and is perpetuating health inequities in the United States. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated these inequities, causing disproportionate outcomes, particularly for vulnerable and minoritized groups, including older adults. This article addresses the “isms” plaguing America’s health, while offering novel solutions to forge a path toward recovery and, ultimately, advancing health equity. (author abstract)

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