PHAST step-by-step guide : A participatory approach for the control of diarrhoeal disease

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Sawyer, Ron
Simpson-Hebert, Mayling
Wood, Sara
World Health Organization
January 2000
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This step-by-step guide can help you help communities improve their environments and manage their water and sanitation facilities, particularly for prevention of diarrhoeal disease. You won't need to do a lot of additional background reading, but you will need training in either the PHAST or SARAR methodology upon which this guide is based. You will also need some technical knowledge about diarrhoeal disease transmission to share with community members and to guide discussion. The participatory techniques used in the PHAST initiative have proved to be very successful and rewarding for communities and for facilitators. The steps in the guide can help you to enable community members to work out what they want to do, how it should be implemented, how it should be paid for and how to make sure that the community can sustain it in the future. (abbreviated author introduction)

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