"It’s a job living here": A qualitative exploration of information motivation and behavioral skills (IMB) related to primary prevention of type 2 diabetes among middle-class African Americans

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Spears, Erica
Bell, Caryn
Harvey, Idethia
Guidry, Jeffery
January 2023
Journal of African American Studies
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Middle-class African Americans are generally ignored in Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) prevention efforts, because of presumed protective factors. However, middle-class African Americans often live with psychosocial stressors not traditionally associated with this socioeconomic position. This study examines influencers related to T2D prevention in this under-researched segment of the African American community. Utilizing a phenomenological approach, questioning explores information, motivators, and behaviors relative to primary T2D prevention. Participants were non-diabetic, middle-class African Americans residing in a medium-sized urban area (n = 20). Six themes were identified related to health beliefs and health behaviors. Barriers and health-promoting features in the built environments were also described by participants. Findings highlight needs in this under-researched segment of the African American population, with implications for researchers, practitioners, and interventionists. (author abstract)

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P4HE Authored