Immigration and health: Perspectives on research and practice webinar

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Dal Corso, Mark
Ho, Lara
Jong, Jeremy
Ocampo, Olga
Nguyen, Diem
Partners for Advancing Health Equity
November 2022
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Immigration affects the health of those who migrate –and those left behind –in many ways. The effects are both positive and negative. Some impacts are fleeting while others are long-lasting. Causal mechanisms are complex. Migration can affect health and vice-versa; selection effects (migration is not a random process) muddy the waters.

Organized by Partners for Advancing Health Equity (P4HE Collaborative), the Center for Studies of Displaced Populations, the Department of International Health and Sustainable Development, and the Department of Social, Behavioral, and Population Sciences, this panel discussion will highlight recent scientific findings and more practical public health implications of population mobility and health. 


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