Health equity: Permanent supportive housing with Housing First (Housing First programs)

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The Community Guide
The Community Guide
June 2019
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The Community Preventive Services Task Force (CPSTF) recommends permanent supportive housing with Housing First (Housing First programs) to promote health equity for people who are experiencing homelessness and have a disabling condition. Evidence shows Housing First programs decrease homelessness, increase housing stability, and improve quality of life for homeless persons living with disabling conditions, including those with HIV infection. For clients living with HIV infection, these programs also improve clinical indicators and mental health and reduce mortality. Housing First programs also lead to reduced hospitalization and use of emergency departments for homeless persons with disabling conditions, including HIV infection. The CPSTF finds the economic benefits exceed the intervention cost for Housing First Programs in the United States. Because homelessness is associated with lower income and is more common among racial and ethnic minority populations, Housing First Programs are likely to advance health equity. (website abstract)

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