Defining our collective health equity goals

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Partners for Advancing Health Equity
Partners for Advancing Health Equity
April 2022
Partners for Advancing Health Equity Webinar Series
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The Partners for Advancing Health Equity Collaborative hosted an interactive session, Defining Our Collective Health Equity Goals, on April 12, 2022. The P4HE Collaborative used MURAL as a tool to collect the ideas and questions of participants from academia, community organizations, policy groups, and the private sector. Through this interdisciplinary exchange of perspectives, participants reflected on core tenets and the future of health equity research and practice. Together the group shared their views on a widely used definition of health equity and what is needed in frameworks that address inequities. Participants provided input on the type of support, resources, and tools the Collaborative could develop and use to assist them in their work. This report provides a synthesis of key takeaways, solutions, and action steps identified through the session.

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