The business of health equity: The Marmot review for industry

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Marmot, Michael
Alexander, Michael
Allen, Jessica
Munro, Alice
Policy Commons
April 2022
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This major new report from the UCL Institute of Health Equity, produced in partnership with Legal & General, examines the evidence of how businesses affect our health, and what they can do to improve health equity. In the past, businesses have often been absent from the conversation, despite the many, profound ways in which their actions influence the social determinants of health. This report aims to put an end to this absence, and bring businesses around the table. Businesses can affect health, for good or ill, through the pay, hours and conditions of work they provide for employees; through the products, services and investments that they offer customers and clients; and, more widely, by their influence on communities and wider society. IHE and L&G are encouraging all businesses to use this influence to promote good health and a more equitable society. The pandemic has taught us all that wealth and health are not in competition with each other, but have to be mutually supporting. Businesses with a strong social purpose, who work to support health, will benefit from a strong economy and a more productive workforce as well as being more attractive to customers, clients, new employees and investors. This report accompanies the launch of a place-based health equity network, also in partnership with Legal & General, bringing together partners across all sectors in places across the UK, to share best practice, to generate innovation, and to advocate for health equity. (author abstract) #P4HEwebinarMay2023

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