Balancing business and health equity: Private sector efforts

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Johnson, Tawana Thomas
Muzhingi, Tawanda
Teddleton, Chandra
Bell, Caryn
Partners for Advancing Health Equity
May 2023
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Equitable access to health and well-being is a basic human right that escapes many people based on various factors including but not limited to race/ethnicity, socioeconomics, access to care, health literacy and understanding how to navigate the healthcare system. To really address health equity everyone must acknowledge the state of health equity and barriers to achieving health equity. This especially applies to the private sector's for-profit companies and businesses alongside other organizations. With this acknowledgement, business owners and entrepreneurs can move toward building equitable, socially responsible action plans that highlight ways to join community partners' efforts. Health equity is GOOD for business; a healthy country is an empowered country.

This webinar brought together voices from business, the private sector, non-profits, and various organizations to speak about their organization’s Health Equity vision and goals. Panelists discussed balancing social responsibility and profitability with community investment. 


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